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Van Halen at AAC Dallas

Van Halen — with Eddie on guitar; his brother, Alex, on drums; and Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, now filling Michael Anthony’s spot on bass — has been through this sort of thing before. After parting ways with Mr. Roth in 1985, the band installed Sammy Hagar as lead singer and scored four consecutive No. 1 albums. That partnership was followed by a less charmed affiliation with Gary Cherone. The first reunion tour with Mr. Roth, about five years ago, was a commercial smash and an effective reminder that the most committed fans still see him as the enduring face of the Van Halen franchise.

Van Halen is an avant-garde hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. The band accomplished success after the issue of its debut album Van Halen. As of 2007, Van Halen has sold-out 80 million record albums global and has had the most #1 hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Reported to the Recording Industry Association of America, Van Halen is the 19th popular band/artist of all time with gross sales of over 56 million albums in the United States exclusively, and is one of 5 rock bands that have had two albums distribute more than ten million transcripts in the U.S. In 1999, the RIAA certified their introduction album diamond for 10 million in United States. sales.

The band is also acknowledged for the dramatic play surrounding the exits of previous members. The aggregate exits of lead singers David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone were beleaguered in disputation and press reportage, including numerous contradictory press statements between the other singers and the band. Keeping up their 2004 concert tour the band was on a abatement from the public until Sept 2007, when new bassist Wolfgang Van Halen’s identity was confirmed and Roth reunion rumors commenced to re-surface, both events coincident with the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductance on March 12, 2007. After years of hypothesis, Van Halen began a tour with Roth over North America in 2007 and into 2008. On December 26, 2011, Van Halen declared a tour for 2012, and published their first album in 14 years, A Different Kind of Truth, on February 7.

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