NASCAR – Historic Turn for Stock Car Racing

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These days, football is the most watched sport in America. Surprisingly to some, the next sport on the list is no longer baseball nor basketball, but rather auto racing. NASCAR racing in particular has skyrocketed in both development and popularity. What was once a small operation in the South has turned into a global sensation raking in billions every year, which is an astonishing feat for a sport where tragedy can be the major attraction.

Started as just an attempt for stock racing gain more viewers, NASCAR has made its way to the peak as a well-liked sport around the globe. It is without any question that this racing event had made people recognize that there is more to racing than just speed and extravagant modified cars.

There are numerous events that are held by the NASCAR, they include the Nationwide Series, the Camping World Truck Series, and the Sprint Cup which is the most popular series on the circuit. The Sprint Cup Series formerly known as the Winston Cup Series. In 2004, NASCAR was determined to get an image-friendly sponsor in NEXTEL. When they united with Sprint, the new title was born. These races provide fans first class entertainment the entire year round.

The most important components needed for a participant’s success are the driver’s skills and adeptness, as well as having a good team. The association made it an issue that the modifications on cars are regulated and thoroughly inspected. This prevents drivers from having an unfair advantage over their competition and making it the ultimate driving test for every participant in the event.

NASCAR events take place on various speedways throughout the United States and more recently expanded into other countries. What makes NASCAR unique is the use of automobiles with similar capability which often makes the drivers skills more crucial to their success. The secret to this is right training and persistent practice.

This is why NASCAR racing is more popular than many other sports. It turned the normal kinds of racing into one that is similarly entertaining but is more challenging and exciting. The tradition of the stock car racing lives on and it continues to grow with excellence. NASCAR is looking forward to this new generation of drivers and modernizations that will grow and diversify this sport now appreciated by countless numbers of people.

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General Rules:
No cameras or video
No outside food or beverage
No bottles or cans
No weapons or firearms
No illegal substances
No laser pointers, beach balls, frisbees etc.
Smoking is NOT allowed inside the arena.  There are designated smoking areas outside the building
Children Rules:  Most events (some family shows may be excluded) children 2 yrs and over are required to have a ticket.

You will find three primary tenants that make American Airlines Center home. They range from the Dallas Mavericks from the National basketball association, the Dallas Stars from the NHL, and also the Dallas Desperados from the AFL. Since opening its doorways the American Airlines Center has witnessed lots of memorable moments. Additionally to all the great regular season and playoff games performed through the Mavericks and Stars, lots of other special occasions also have occurred in the arena. The NHL All Star Game was played at American Airlines Center in 2007, getting huge amount of money of more revenue towards the city. Furthermore, 100s of first class bands and entertainers also have placed on shows at American Airlines Center.

The professional teams in Dallas aren’t the sole ones that take advantage of this condition from the art arena. The numerous fans that pack into American Airlines Center will also get to make use of the modern features, wide concourses, great sights from the floor, and first class credits. As you can tell, American Airlines Center is an ideal fit for teams, entertainers, and visitors. is a secondary market ticket broker. We are not affiliated with the venue.

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