natbLogoBuyTicketByPhone has been in operation as an event ticket broker since 1998. Initially there was a learning curve as to how to profitably function as a ticket broker. The main drawback of the ticket brokerage business is that inventory is bought and sold with the threat of it expiring without any value. Event tickets have no intrinsic value after the date of the show and if they are not sold they are in effect “eaten” by the owner.

There is no assurance that tickets purchased in advance will be liquidated for even a portion of their original cost let alone sell at a profit. Fortunately, BuyTicketByPhone’s buyers have the experience to understand this market and have limited their spoilage to an acceptable level.

scalpersThis knowledge and experience is being transferred to clients of MJ Consulting Services in the form of operating a managed ticket brokerage for them. There is no guarantee that any specific set of tickets will sell. However, BuyTicketByPhone has the expertise to know “when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em” as this business is a matter of speculation. This is the basis of the fantastic returns that can be achieved in the ticket business because of the inherent risks.

National Event Ticket BrokerBuyTicketByPhone is offering this Managed Ticket Brokerage Service to select clients of MJ Consulting Services. To see if you qualify speak to your representative with them today.